Talk about patience? Look it up in the dictionary and it says “KC”. I first started looking for real estate to buy in the summer of ’06 when it was a bidding frenzy. Following KC’s advice got me close to owning but the market was so crazy then and I decided to save for a couple more years (good thing now with hind sight!). KC stayed in touch during that time without being one of those “hounding” sales people and we formed a friendly sociable relationship. January ’09 I was now ready again. KC was still there cheering me on to see me get my perfect place. We processed about 6 deals so if that tells you anything about his patience again. The one that came through took SEVEN MONTHS to close (there is that patience again). I seem to have things happen that (to quote him) cause us to say “Oh no, not another learning experience!” KC rolls with the punches with good humour, providing great service all along the way and genuinly is concerned that the deal be the right place for me and very understanding when I don’t feel comfortable pushing and forcing it rather, opting to walk away if it isn’t right and move on to the next one. Think we have to have seen at least 180 pieces of inventory (talk paitence again) all up and down the peninsula. In our dealings, we have sure seen some characters on the other side and it makes me grateful that I have KC in my corner who communicates well and stays on top of issues so they don’t get out of hand and predicts upcoming potential threats in order to proactively head them off before they occur. I would recommend KC to everyone I know! P.S. I am enjoying my new place in Pacifica. I remodeled it for a month and moved in and invited KC over for lunch to see the changes. He was so thrilled that I made it a nice home.

Julianne Mullins
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