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"Talk about patience? Look it up in the dictionary and it says KC"

Talk about patience? Look it up in the dictionary and it says "KC". I first started looking for real estate to buy in the summer of '06 when it was a bidding frenzy. Following KC's advice got me close to owning but the market was so crazy then and I decided to save for a couple more years (good thing now with hind sight!). KC stayed in touch during that time without being one of those "hounding" sales people and we formed a friendly sociable relationship. January '09 I was now ready again. KC was still there cheering me on to see me get my perfect place. We processed about 6 deals so if that tells you anything about his patience again. The one that came through took SEVEN MONTHS to close (there is that patience again). I seem to have things happen that (to quote him) cause us to say "Oh no, not another learning experience!" KC rolls with the punches with good humour, providing great service all along the way and genuinly is concerned that the deal be the right place for me and very understanding when I don't feel comfortable pushing and forcing it rather, opting to walk away if it isn't right and move on to the next one. Think we have to have seen at least 180 pieces of inventory (talk paitence again) all up and down the peninsula. In our dealings, we have sure seen some characters on the other side and it makes me grateful that I have KC in my corner who communicates well and stays on top of issues so they don't get out of hand and predicts upcoming potential threats in order to proactively head them off before they occur. I would recommend KC to everyone I know! P.S. I am enjoying my new place in Pacifica. I remodeled it for a month and moved in and invited KC over for lunch to see the changes. He was so thrilled that I made it a nice home.

- Julianne Mullins

"KC helped me to close on a great Below Market Rate condo"

I started looking for a property in May 2009 and 8 months later KC helped me to close on a great Below Market Rate condo located South of Market in San Francisco. During the search KC kept in constant contact, he sent new listings, made suggestions, drove me to open houses, educate me as a first time home buyer, and answered my numerous questions. Every meeting or commitment he made he followed through with. When I went into escrow the agent for the seller was submitting the required paperwork late, he submitted incomplete forms or he would lose track of documents and would request them a second time. KC was very patient with him and shielded me from the frustrations of the situation. The property was in escrow for 2 months because Wells Fargo and they Mayor's Office of Housing were meticulously checking minute details of the property and of my record. KC collaborated well with the City Hall official, the loan officer, the title company, and the seller's agent, and pulled off a complex transaction. I plan on requesting KC's services in the future and hope that you will consider him too for the sale or purchase of your next home.

- Daniel Catalaa

"He was quite a find – fabulous to work with"

KC Cormack was recommended by the property manager of the condo I was selling. He was quite a find - fabulous to work with and familiar with the BMR process which is rare to find. He met us at the condo, explained the selling process and his role. KC went above and beyond to help me sell a condo in San Francisco when I lived across the country in New Jersey. He took care of all the issues that needed to be corrected, hired the contractor and furniture removal company for me. I did not even have to attend the closing. Most of all, KC was pleasant, courteous and professional. In dealing with an estate sale, he was the perfect choice.

- Barbara Hudock

"KC was proactive and always made sure to get things done"

I was actively in the market for a new condo and was having zero luck with previous realtors. They either lacked experience or had little interest in helping. I met KC at an open house and he was very engaging and interested in not only me as a buyer, but me as a person. We exchanged information and before I knew it KC was reaching out to me with leads on new properties, helping me with real estate documents, and looking at properties with me. No matter what time of day or night KC was a phone call or text away. If I had trouble getting in touch with my lender or the seller's realtor KC was proactive and always made sure to get things done in a timely manner. I've been living in my home now for 4 months and KC still continues to follow up and make sure things are well. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for KC as he is the person who helped me purchased my first home. I would recommend him to anyone!

- Richard Lynch

"I immediately turned to KC and never regretted it"

When I decided to sell my condo in Diamond Heights, a friend referred me to KC Cormack. The time wasn't right, so I had to delay the sale two years, but I immediately turned to KC and never regretted it. Since I live outside California, I was able to depend on KC to take care of several small issues that came up along the way that normally the owner would have managed. I've dealt with two agents where I presently live and sadly, they didn't maintain the same standards I was used to with KC.

- Wayne Hill

"He’s experienced enough to know the ins and outs"

KC has helped me with the purchase of two condos in SF/Marin, and neither was a simple purchase-- one was a TIC and the other was a co-op. I always felt like I was in good hands-- any question I had, KC answered super-quickly, often instantly responding to texts or emails. He also was really good at quelling my nerves and making sure I was calm and positive throughout the process. He's experienced enough to know the ins and outs of escrow and kept me informed on what was coming next. He's also a really nice guy and is easy to communicate with. I'm grateful that KC has been my agent and I wouldn't hesitate to have him help me in buying or selling real estate in the future!

- Julie Alonso

"KC is very professional and super responsive"

KC is very professional and super responsive. He laid out the procedure clearly. Super transparent and patient with any questions that I had. I also appreciate his referrals who were all also very knowledgeable and helped keep the process moving along smoothly. Definitely recommend!

- Vinh Le

"KC is great!"

KC is great! He is good at explaining things and answering questions in clear terms, so that I always felt like I understood what was going on. He went above and beyond to get past obstacles and make the process seem smooth from my perspective. KC is very knowledgeable about BMRs and I am grateful for his expertise.

- Sarah Soule

"KC quickly recognized what I needed"

I chose KC Cormack for my real estate agent because of his experience with the DALP loan, but I was blown away by his professionalism throughout the entire experience of purchasing a home. KC quickly recognized what I needed, and he offered honest advice. He answered all my questions with patience, and he did a little research to find some of those answers. He went the extra mile to explain my loan to other real estate agents. KC has a calm personality even when things got stressful. I felt like we worked as a team in this tough SF market. His hard work, excellent availability, and expertise helped me buy a home for me and my kids. We are so grateful for KC!

- Sharlene Shu

"KC is a true professional"

KC is a true professional Who knows his business, and more importantly he is a kind and helpful spirit! He helped guide me through the ins and outs of a very complicated condo purchase, followed up with me on every detail, and made sure that I understood every last document I needed. He was super supportive in helping me get all my ducks in a row... and into a new home. I can't thank you enough KC!

- Darin Little

"I 100% recommend KC for your first home purchase"

I 100% recommend KC for your first home purchase (BMR or at-market properties) or third or tenth home. If you seek high-quality service and a trustworthy and experienced realtor as well as value responsiveness and good communication, KC is your person!

- Jimmy Hong

"I can’t thank KC enough"

I can't thank KC enough for all his help! He helped me buy my first home and I am so grateful! He walked me through the process and made sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times. I had SO many questions as a first time home buyer, but he was always so patient. If you're looking for a relator, KC is your guy!

- Victoria Bao